3 Easy steps to

Import Your File Plan

what do I need to know before I start?

1. The File Plan Code must be unique, if you try to import a file plan with a code that is in use, the import action will add a new version to the existing file plan.
2. The uploaded version of the file plan will be set to Draft.
3. If the previous version is not published it will be set to archived.
4. End-users will not see the draft version of the file plan until it is published.
5. You will need a Microsoft Excel or similar application that is able to edit an Excel document.

Import Steps


Download an empty template.

Please click the button below to download an empty file plan import template [Excel file format].


Fill out the Template.

Follow the indications below to fill out the template.


Import the file plan.

Follow these instructions below to import the file plan:
1. Navigate to the File Plan dashboard and click the Import button.
2. Select the file to upload
3. If you are uploading a new version of an existing file plan, select whether you want to upload it as a minor version or a major version
4. Click Import

Taxonomy File Plan Import