On May 4, 2022, an issue has been identified with regards to the import of the retention labels to the M365 Compliance Centre, Microsoft Team has been contacted and they are currently working on resolving the issue. Below are the details of the issue and how to get around it until it is resolved.

The Steps to the Issue

  1. Using the Taxonomy App, complete the M365 Retention Label tab in the lowest level of your file plan,
  2. From the File Plan menu select Export/Export Retention Labels
  3. Navigate to the Compliance Centre / Records Management / File Plan
  4. Import the retention labels to the Compliance Centre
  5. The system throws an error stating that two columns are missing, ‘IsRecordUnlockedAsDefault’ and ‘ComplianceTagForNextStage’.

The reason for this error has not been identified yet, the documentation does not say anything about these columns.



To be able to import the retention labels:

  1. Edit the Retention Label exported csv file
  2. Add the following two columns to the right of the document
    • IsRecordUnlockedAsDefault
    • ComplianceTagForNextStage
  3. Do not add values for these columns at the row level
  4. Proceed with the import